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First check my new page All Things Phares. Then go to the new Phares Message Board.

Many people come to my page looking for information about the Phares family name. Richard (Dick) Phares wrote an article entitled: The Phares Family in America, Ancestral Families of Robert Phares(1762-1823). But I haven't found any links from Richard Phares or the Robert Phares that he mentions to my family. Here is my personal family history as related by my relatives in Alabama (where my great-grandfather lived) to my father.

Also I found many Phares folks at Family Tree Maker's website named the Phares Family Genealogy Forum. Also RootsWeb has a Phares Page. A company named Hall of Names International claims to have researched the Phares name and to have reproduced the family coat of arms. About the Phares name they say:
"The history of this ancient Cumberland family traces its ancestry as a family of Strathclyde Briton origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Cumberland . "

I just found http://www.phares.com, which is a site by Mailbank which allows you to have an e-mail address and website with the PHARES.COM domain! So my new e-mail address is vic@phares.com and you can get to this website with either http://www.vic.phares.com or http://vic.phares.com

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