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About Me

This page is full of information about me and links to the stuff I am interested in on the web. I've not tried to give extensive lists, but just starting places to let you find the things that may be of interest to you. Okay, I'm not very original. Most of this stuff I copied from other people's pages. Sometimes I give credit for it and sometimes I don't. If you get upset because I've "picked up" your stuff, just let me know and I'll change it.

I work at Arkla and Noram which are a part of Reliant Energy in Shreveport, Louisiana as a "PC Support Specialist". I'm a member of the Northwest Louisiana PC Users Group and lead the Internet SIG for the club.

I graduated from Harding University in 1983 and attended Abilene Christian University from 1977-79 and in 1984. Since then I've been a Youth and Family minister, a Jr. High school teacher (the worst semester of my life), the Tech Support Manager at Softdisk, then a PC Network Tech at Poulan/WeedEater and now I work at Reliant Energy Arkla.

My hobbies include canoeing and hiking however there seldom seems to be time to do much of either. I also like to watch television . My favorite show was The X-Files but I don't watch much TV any more.

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