The Phares Family

**Great-Great-Great Grandpa**

Issac Phares, married to Martha Johnston Phares

Thomas Phares, married to Sarah Jane Clary

Rob Phares, married to Mary Ann
Sons: Henry, Tom, Howell & Lloyd
Daughter: Lizzie

Caine Phares, 1st wife: Mary Tidemore
2nd wife: Emma Hood
3rd wife: Mary

Children: Rufus Phares, Coleman Phares, Mollie Phares Mc Keever, Minnie Phares Causey

**Great-Great Grandpa**

Thomas James Phares, married to Sarah Jane Clary
Thomas - Born July 17, 1851 Died June 22, 1922
Sarah - Born December 28, 1848 Died November 29, 1932

Doctor Berry Phares, married to Emma Tidemore (Doctor - Born October 2, 1870 Died July 20, 1956)
William Issac Phares, married to Fannie Bell Grimes (William - Born May 20, 1873 Died Jan. 23, 1910)
James Robert Phares (Bob), married to Viola Owens (Bob - Born July 25, 1875 Died July, 1951) (Viola Died Feb 25, 1963)
John C. Phares, married to Georgia Clary (John - Born March 2, 1879 Died Aug. 1940) [Methodist Preacher]

**Great Grandpa**

William Issac Phares & Fannie Bell Grimes Phares' Children

Lommie Estherlee Phares Robinson, married to Stanley Robinson
Laurie Phares Robinson Freiberger, married to Howard Robinson (Deceased); Jake Freiberger
William Wallace Phares, married to Nora O'Brien
Elsie Phares Adams Anthony, married to Leonard J Anthony
Odell Phares Groninger, married to Leona H. Groninger


William Wallace Phares & Nora O'Brien Phares' Children

Billy Joe Phares, married to Sondra M. Davis Phares (my parents)
Betty Jean Phares Jordan (deceased), married to Audy Ray Jordan
William Wallace Phares, Jr, married to Beverly ?? Phares
David Lynn Phares (deceased), married to ??

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